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Items Sent:

Beirut, Lebanon

Amel Association

Uniform sets (12), soccer cleats (35), soccer balls (5), first aid kit (2), various training gear 



Amel Association
Amel Association
Amel Association

AMEL is a well-recognized NGO internationally, notably through its membership in the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and in the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership1, an extensive network of NGOs favoring better coordination of humanitarian action worldwide. AMEL’s scope of humanitarian activities is thus ever expanding. The organization has opened offices in Switzerland and in France to replicate its approach with the vulnerable populations in Europe. Moreover, AMEL has been the only local NGO participating in the fruitful dialogue related to “reshaping humanitarian action” as part of the process of the World Humanitarian Summit that was held in 201. In the same year Amel won the the Prize for the prevention of conflicts and for peace in Lebanon, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

One million, six hundred thousand interventions have so far been provided within the lives of thousands of people during the past 6 years including Syrian and Iraqi refugees by Amel Association team. These interventions in health, education, empowerment, psycho-social support, protection, and livelihood trainings were implemented to give different endings to the sad stories caused by war and conflicts in the Middle East.

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