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Items Sent:

Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Kids Play International

Socks (50), Soccer shoes (35), uniform sets (4), soccer balls (5)



Kids Play International
Kids Play International
Kids Play International

Tracy, a 3-time Olympian & National Champion in Freestyle Skiing, founded KPI after witnessing, first-hand, the effects of genocide on communities and specifically the impact on gender roles and inequality. 

Kids Play International believes gender equity transforms communities and countries and that it is not only a woman’s right, it is a human right.

KPI leverages the power of sport and the Olympic values in a safe space so girls and boys can positively challenge and shift harmful gender, social and cultural norms. Sport has been proven to provide a unique environment where harmful norms can be renegotiated giving girls the same opportunities as boys to reach their full potential. 

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