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Second Kicks: Equipment Donation Request

Founded in 2004, Second Kicks is a non-profit charitable sports organization with a mission to collect and distribute used soccer uniforms and equipment to disadvantaged communities in Canada and around the world.

We receive many requests for donations and are unable to meet all requests. Before agreeing to support any request we will research your organization and may have follow up questions for you. We prefer to support organizations that are registered charities or non- profits, and support both boys and girls to play soccer. Shipping costs, previous success in shipping to the country where you are located and the amount of equipment we have available to ship are also factors in our decision making.


As a charitable organization, Second Kicks will pay for the costs to ship uniforms and equipment to you, but can not pay any duties, customs or storage fees or taxes charged at the destination. Before you submit this form please check to see if any costs will be charged as you will be responsible for those costs.

Getting to know you:

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