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2018 World Cup Pool to benefit Second Kicks

This is your chance to show off your soccer knowledge and benefit Second Kicks, a registered charity dedicated to collecting gently used soccer uniforms and equipment to communities in need in Canada and around the world.


Already in 2018 we have sent shipments to Toronto and Sioux Lookout in Canada and 9 international destinations, including Ecuador, India, Kenya and Uganda. The attached spreadsheet gives you all the details -how to play (it’s easy -you don’t have to be a soccer expert and it will make watching the games much more interesting!) and how by playing you will help Second Kicks to continue its work through 2018.


Thanks in advance for your support -none of what we do is possible without your generous support. Good luck and thanks!


Download spreadsheet above. At the top of the tab marked "pool entry sheet" entter your name and email address in the yellow cells.


On part 1 of the "pool entry sheet" -choose  2 teams from each of buckets 1 and 2; and 3 teams from bucket 3 and bucket 4. To choose a team simply mark an "X" in the cell next to the team. You will score 3 points for every game your chosen teams win throughout the tournament and 1 point for every goal they score  (not including penalty shootout goals). The teams are in the exact order of the current FIFA rankings, i.e.  Brazil is the highest ranked team in the tournament and Saudi Arabia the lowest.


On part 2 of the pool entry sheet choose 3 players from the list and enter the number of goals that each of your chosen players will score throughout the tournament (again not including penalty shootout goals). You will score a point for every goal your chosen players score plus 5 bonus points if you are exactly right on the number of goals scored. (For example if you choose Messi to score 6 goals and he does score 6 you score 11pts -one for each goal plus 5 bonus points. But, if he scores 5 goals then you score 5 points)


Your final score will be the  total of points scored in part 1 and part 2. Highest  number of points wins.


Entry fee is a minimum donation of $25 (larger donations gratefully accepted) to Second Kicks. You can send me a cheque payable to Second Kicks to Simon Ashbourne, 50 Sylvan Valleyway, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5M4M3 or you can donate online at


Winner will receive 25% of the donations (calculates as # of entrants *$25); second place takes 15%; third place 10% -if winners wish to donate their winnings, a tax receipt will be issued for that amount with thanks!


Save your selections in this spreadsheet and send to me at


All entries must be received by midnight June 13th -no later entries will be accepted.

Multiple entries are allowed if multiple donations are made!

Good luck and thanks for playing -your donations make it all possible! 

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