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Great letter from one of our youngest supporters -way to go Carter!

My name is Carter I am 10, I heard about second kicks from my mom Trudi. I like soccer because it is a team sport and builds confidence I have been playing for 6 years. I choose second kicks when I heard about it because I was playing soccer that summer and I wanted other kids to get to play if they want to like I get to.

I decided to ask my friends for money not presents so that I could donate half of it to second kicks. My friends were happy to help, one girl said that it was very kind and generous. It made me feel very very good when she said that. My mom collected uniforms and equipment from the families that we play soccer with and I helped her. When the second kicks lady showed up to pick up our donations I was a lot more excited then I thought I would be. It felt really really good to help and donate to others.

Carter Brooks

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