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Inspiring Community Support: A Successful Donation Drive by Futsal Club Toronto

In May 2024, the spirit of community and generosity shone brightly when Andrew Desjardins, a dedicated parent and supporter of Second Kicks, spearheaded an initiative that resulted in the collection of 30 pairs of cleats. Originally planning to donate just two pairs, Andrew's efforts were significantly bolstered by the incredible support from the Futsal Club Toronto.

Andrew reached out to his team through their power app, encouraging members to contribute as part of their spring clean-up. The response was overwhelming. "I was overwhelmed with all the support and donations from our great team!" Andrew shared. His enthusiasm and the team's dedication transformed a simple idea into a significant contribution.

One of Second Kicks' board members played a crucial role by picking up the donations locally, ensuring that the cleats reached Second Kicks swiftly.

Cleats, being in high demand, were quickly distributed to groups across Canada. This not only emphasizes the need for such donations but also showcases the immediate impact that community support can have.

Second Kicks, founded in 2004, is a non-profit charitable sports organization dedicated to collecting and distributing used soccer uniforms and equipment to disadvantaged communities in Canada and around the world. The organization believes in the power of soccer to foster an inclusive culture, strengthen communities, and positively impact youth.

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of Futsal Club Toronto and their commitment to making a difference. This initiative is a perfect example of how grassroots efforts can contribute to our mission of providing soccer equipment to those in need.


If you’re inspired by this story and would like to contribute, consider donating your used soccer equipment or volunteering with us. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at Together, we can continue to make soccer accessible to everyone, one goal at a time.

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