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Great letter from Street Soccer Canada -we were so pleased to be able to help them!

Hi! Mary (one of our board members at Second Kicks)

Thank you very much for our outfits. We were one of the best dressed teams at the Street Soccer Canada National Tournament in Hamilton, ON this past weekend (July 18-19, 2015).

The tournament was a celebration of ‘Changing Perceptions’ about people like us who have been faced with homelessness, chemical dependency, and mental health challenges. We will never forget the looks of appreciation (or was it envy?) from ‎the throngs of spectators who came to watch us play, have fun, and make friends from as far away as Mexico City. 16 teams from Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Brampton, Hamilton, Toronto, and Mississauga provided the good folks in Hamilton and surrounding areas with the best Soccer ever!

Some of us may even be selected to represent Canada at the Homeless World Cup slated to take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands starting September 1st. We continue to express our gratitude for all your help.

Thank you for contributing to our efforts in working towards the best version of our individual selves.

Many blessings to you and your family.


Ed Kiwanuka-Quinlan Street Soccer Canada Social Enterprise

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