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Leveling the playing field in South Africa

In June 2018 we sent four boxes, each weighing 15kg and full of shoes, shirts, pants and training equipment to Football Without Borders (FWB). FWB aims to put sport on the community development agenda and use it as a tool to make a positive difference in the lives of young individuals. The organisation is currently based in Zandspruit informal settlement and has branched out to Kromdraai Informal Settlement. It is lead by Monash South Africa university students and locals from Zandspruit. FWB began operations in August 2016 but has been registered as a NGO since June 2015.

FWB has already distributed some of the equipment to various local groups. One such local cause is this football team of young women (age 15) from Kromdraai (a township in Johannesburg, South Africa) that came second out of 16 teams in the Gauteng Rural Provincial Games in June!

The donation by Second Kicks was featured in a local newspaper article and with quotes by the program directors which provided more colour on the conditions present in the camp.

Football Without Borders (FWB) continues to tackle social issues with its innovative programmes in Zandspruit, this time assisting one of the affiliated clubs with its numerous programmes.FWB operates in various areas in Gauteng, including Zandspruit and Kromdraai, where they even have kickboxing projects.

For Michael Mapfunde and FWB’s Sports and Academic Coordinator, Eliah Dzwowa, it’s always a challenge to get South Africans involved in their projects.”People often have a negative impression of Zandspruit, and they are therefore afraid to invest in any programme based here,” Michael stated.

Eliah feels equally strongly about the fact that very few locals are willing to assist in their own area.”When someone ‘makes it’ as they say, they often forget where they came from and what made them. For me, that is not right. It is shameful that we have to rely on international organisations for donations,” Eliah said.

The Second Kicks board reviews equipment request applications from around the world. Our donors want us to ensure their donated supplies are not resold and guarantee these end in the hands of the children they were meant for. In addition, the board has to consider shipment costs, potential customs duties and other fees that are often added to international shipments. These are not easy decisions considering the amount of demand and limited supply.

We are happy to support FWB and its programs in South Africa.


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