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💖Brams United Girls Soccer Club💖

Our sincerest gratitude to Brams United Girls Soccer Club for their generous donation to Second Kicks. These will help our goal of donating excess soccer equipment to communities in Canada and around the world.

A Second Kicks volunteer and board member met with Brams United during their 2018 Fun Day to mark the end of the 2018 outdoor season.

Brams United would like to thank Maple Lodge Farms for hosting and organizing their Fun Day Barbecue.

Second Kicks looks forward to forming a long-term relationship with the club. 🌎⚽


About Brams United:

Brams United is committed to the development of their players on and off the pitch. As the only sanctioned all Girls Soccer Club, our focus is to give every young female player the opportunity to express themselves and share their passion for the game. We offer summer and winter recreational house league, competitive rep and all abilities programs. At Brams there is a place for every player at every level. The opportunities are endless.

Brams United offers summer and winter programs:

  • The summer season runs from May to September.

  • The winter season runs from October to April.

  • Registration occurs two months before the beginning of each season, respectively.

Brams United’s recreational programs are divided into four divisions:

  • Tots (U4 – U5)

  • Mini (U9 – U12)

  • Micro (U6 – U8)

  • HL (U13 – U18)

Rep development program:

  • The Rep Development Program which aligns with the OSA’s Long Term Player Development Program (LTPD) is offered for ages U8 – U12. The competitive Rep Program is offered for ages U13 – U21.

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