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What We Do

Founded in 2004, Second Kicks is a non-profit charitable sports organization with a mission to collect and distribute used soccer uniforms and equipment to disadvantaged communities in Canada and around the world.

At Second Kicks

We believe in an inclusive culture where everyone is welcome to play soccer

We believe that playing soccer will have a positive impact on all youth


We believe in strengthening communities through soccer, one goal at a time

Welcome to Second Kicks

Since its inception, Second Kicks has donated over 10,000 uniforms to hundreds of teams in Canada and disadvantaged communities worldwide. Your donated uniforms and equipment are helping kids and adults play soccer and have fun in more than a dozen countries around the world!


Volunteer Opportunities

We’ve dedicated a lot of man-hours and invested countless resources to this charitable cause, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. If you can help distribute uniforms to communities in need or you’d like to volunteer – we’d love to hear from you. 

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Donate used uniforms and equipment

One of our main causes here at Second Kicks are clothing and equipment drives. We spend a significant portion of our resources on tackling this problem. See how you can help by reading more or contacting one of our representatives.


Financial donations

Second Kicks is a registered charity. Donations go directly towards the costs to ship the uniforms around the world. For example, a donation of $200 will cover the shipping costs of a “Game in a box” – 25 sets of uniforms, boots and a ball to a partner community.

Community Support:

Contact Us

Get in touch with Second Kicks to discover more about our work. If you are seeking donation, please complete this form. If you would like to donate equipment, visit this page. We thank you for your support.

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