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Second Kicks Partnering with Nutmeg Soccer for Holiday Gift Drive

In December 2020, Second Kicks partnered with the Nutmeg Soccer team to support their Holiday Gift Drive! Through this initiative, dozens of Nutmeg Soccer participants and families (or “NUTMEGers”) received soccer balls so that they could continue stay active and practice their soccer skills from home!

Nutmeg Soccer is a fantastic Toronto based organization providing free, fun and safe soccer sessions for underserved youth in Toronto in pursuit of their goal of creating confident, healthy and conscientious communities through the power of sport and education.

Despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19, Nutmeg soccer has adapted and continues to offer excellent resources and services to NUTMEGers throughout Toronto! On top of their Holiday Gift Drive, Nutmeg Soccer offers virtual training sessions from coaches and other excellent resources to help participants stay happy, healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.

Second Kicks would like to thank Javier, Alexander and the rest of the Nutmeg Soccer team and looks forward to supporting their fantastic work in the future!

To learn more about Nutmeg soccer, including ways to support their organization, please visit the following links.

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