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Uganda: Strengthening Partnerships, Both Old and New

To cap off our 2021 donations, Seconds Kicks was very proud to send two shipments of soccer gear to Uganda in support of grassroots youth development through sport. Through this donation, Second Kicks had the opportunity to strengthen an existing partnership with our long-term friend, Father Peter Paul of Uganda and forge a new connection with Laker Winnie, an inspiring and committed young leader working with Teach for Uganda. In total, the combined shipment contained 13 jam-packed boxes of soccer balls, cleats, uniforms and other training equipment for use in communities in the Mayuge District and in Eastern Uganda.

Teach for Uganda is a locally-rooted leadership development organization that works toward a vision of creating equitable and high-quality educational opportunities for all children in Uganda. In doing so, the organization aims to empower young leaders and equip them with the tools to create lasting change for generations to come. Seconds Kicks is very excited and honoured to partner with an organization, like Teach for Uganda, that not only serves the health and development of young people, but actively includes them in conversations of the future.

One of Teach For Uganda’s primary programs is a 2-year Fellowship program through which the country’s most motivated and committed young professionals are recruited to lead meaningful community development projects in high-needs rural areas. Second Kicks was very fortunate to connect with one of the Fellows, Laker Winnie, who is a perfect example of the impact that young people can make in their communities when presented with the opportunity. Located in Bwiwula village (Mayuge District), Laker started a sport for development program that brings together children from schools across the community and connects them with opportunities to learn life skills, build positive peer relationships and become more equipped to pursue a path to higher education through the power of soccer.

We thank Laker and all those supporting this initiative for their tireless work and congratulate them on the incredible impacts they have made thus far. Second Kicks hopes that the uniforms, cleats and balls will continue to be of benefit in your daily programs as well as your intercommunity tournaments!

Not far from Laker in Bwiwula village, Second Kicks was thrilled to reconnect with Father Peter Paul and support the amazing work being done across Uganda. Back in 2019, Second Kicks was able to partner with our great friend and collaborate on a project that saw 25 boxes of equipment being shipped to Uganda and distributed across schools in Uganda.

Despite the ongoing challenges that were brought on by the pandemic in 2021, Second Kicks was very happy to round off another exciting year with two final international shipments. Thank you once again to Laker and Father Peter Paul for all that you do in support of youth and for your teamwork in helping get the equipment to its final destination!

The Second Kicks team looks forward to a promising 2022 and to keeping you posted with more exciting shipments, both in Canada and internationally, in the weeks to come!

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