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2013 shipment update -already shipped to 5 destinations!

Now we have a storage unit full of generously donated equipment, the search for destinations is on. Among the first shipments in 2013 are the following:

  • 2 shipments to the Dominican Republic through our partnership with PowerTrips

  • a shipment transported by a friend of Second Kicks to Nepal

  • 25 boxes shipped to the South East District Empowerment League in Botswana

  • 30 boxes to the YFC Rurka Kalan Youth Sports Complex in Pujan, India

  • 5 boxes to Horizons of Hope in Kenya

So your donations continue to find their way around the world to communities in need to help kids play soccer -thanks as always to all of you who donate equipmant and those who donate funds to pay for the shipping. This is a great start to 2013 and we look forward to another great year with your help.

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