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Going Coast To Coast: 2 Canadian Donations to Close Out 2021

Going Coast To Coast: 2 Canadian Donations to Close Out 2021

As shared in early 2021, Second Kicks was on a mission this past year to support local Canadian organizations ‘return to play’ and bounce back strong from COVID-19. From Fredericton to Vancouver, we were proud to partner with many incredible organizations and help provide equipment to youth across the country so that could get back into the game. Fittingly, through two of our final donations in 2021, Second Kicks continued to support local and was thrilled to team up with two community sports projects in Alma, New Brunswick and Surrey, British Colombia.


In the small coastal community of Alma, NB, the Alma Recreation Center is a small volunteer-run community center that attracts youth from the surrounding community for exciting and engaging activities and programs. One of the most popular programs in the area have been weekly soccer meets and practices where local children ages 4 to 10 can kick the ball around, make new friends and, most importantly, have fun. Second Kicks was thrilled to partner with Dominique and the wonderful team of volunteers who are making it happen at the Alma Recreation Center and we hope the uniforms and soccer balls will continue to be put to good use this year as the warmer weather approaches!


Over 5,000 km away in Surrey, BC, Sporting Club Kerala is another fantastic community-run soccer project that aims to bring people together over the game we all know and love. Sporting Club Kerala is a small but mighty soccer society of 60 members (and climbing!) largely made up of international students and local residents from Kerala state of India. Second Kicks was very thankful to connect with Adam and his fantastic team to learn how we can support such an amazing project that is all about sport and community connection. We hope that the soccer balls and uniforms have been of benefit in your weekly meets and interclub tournaments, and we look forward to collaborating again in the future as your league continues to grow!

Second Kicks is very honoured to have partnered with so many wonderful local organizations and communities in 2021 and we look forward to building off the momentum in 2022. With 3 Canadian donations already in the works, we are excited to keep you posted as to how we are continuing to support local this year. If you know of a local organization or community that could benefit from a donation of soccer gear, please help us spread the word by sharing the link to our Application Form. Thank you so much to all donors, partners and supporters who are a part of the Second Kicks community and we look forward to another promising year ahead together!

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